Big box retail green?

Walmart is consistently mentioned for it’s green sustainability initiatives. From being the first company to work with the Carbon Disclosure Project establishing an emissions strategy for its entire supply chain – over 100,000 companies – to recently with sustainable fish supplies in Brazil and ‘traceability’ for food products.

Traceability will see it bar code agricultural items. This lets customers quickly find out where food has come from, how it’s been produced and is a gateway for transparency. If we know the background for food, it’s easier to stop deforestation and other impacts of food production.

Walmart’s Héctor Núñez says: Due to all the challenges in cattle raising related to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, meat is the first item in this program.  

And why take such environmental steps? Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense Fund summed it up speaking about the supply chain initiatives: Walmart’s bold move will help companies identify steps to slash pollution and costs. Importantly, they also point out, its: good for business and good for customers!

Image: Ambalaj sustainable packaging

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