Eight Convenient Climate Truths

It doesn’t matter what you think about climate science and scepticism… it still makes compelling sense to cut our carbon emissions.

That’s the message sitting behind Amory Lovins’ Eight Convenient Climate Truths. Amory says our opinions about climate science shouldn’t change what you should do about energy.

Nor should we argue about the cost to the economy or if it’s worth paying to protect the climate. Protecting the climate is not costly but profitable.

The full eight convenient truths are on the Rocky Mountains Institute website.

Our message: act!

Our message to government and businesses is clear. Act now, says Richard Branson.

He’s featured in the forward to the UK’s Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security

The credit crunch in 2008 stressed government and businesses to the extreme. Richard says The next five years will see us face another crunch – the oil crunch. This time, we do have the chance to prepare.

It’s a report on the end of cheap oil. The authors urge action: We must plan for a world in which oil prices are likely to be both higher and more volatile and where oil price shocks have the potential to destabilise economic, political and social activity.

Download the full report here