Green Will Save Us – Harvard Business Review

In a sign of the times, this month the Harvard Business Review proclaims Green Will Save Us on its front cover while Newsweek has published green rankings for the USA’s 500 largest companies.

The Harvard Business Review’s bold statement sees that “Once and inconvenient truth, climate change is now an incontrovertible problem… Consumers are ever greener, and their support for sustainable products and practices is growing worldwide.

The Review’s writers argue that: “organizations can turn sustainability into innovation’s new frontier – achieving competitive advantage and influencing economic recovery in much the same way that the breakthrough products and business models of computer companies led the way out of previous recessions.

We can think of such development in stages – for example:

  1. Viewing Compliance as an opportunity
  2. Making Value Chains Sustainable
  3. Designing Sustainable Products and Services
  4. Developing New Business Models
  5. Creating Next Practice Platforms

It’s all adds up to big call to find your business’s sustainable and carbon advantages.