Three into One

Can you fit three houses into one without compromising amenity? If you can then the environmental impact of a home would be cut – significantly!

Click for larger Housing Ecological Footprint imageRecent work by Lend Lease (through Delfin Lend Lease) with the Queensland EPA and GreenMode shows how it can be done. The results, appearing in the Queensland Government’s Smart and Sustainable Homes newsletter, are for 35 different homes of the types typically constructed in South East Queensland.

By implementing simple measures – such as insulation, orientation, high efficiency cooling and heating, and window shading – the Ecological Footprint of a home with people living in it is cut by a factor of five.

When construction and the physical maintenance of the house are also included, three of these sustainable homes could fit in the footprint of one ‘standard’ house (of the type commonly constructed in Queensland).