Green Living Revolution

A revolutionary example of progressive and sustainable development, says the Murray Valley Standard, is on its way for Murray Bridge in South Australia. It’s a fully commercial residential site setting new world-class and affordable standards. These include the:

  • Reuse of all water (including stormwater, grey and black water).
  • A cut to the Carbon Footprint associated with home use by 85%.
  • Cutting potable water use by a factor of 10.
  • Highly energy efficient households.
  • Initiatives that deliver a significant cut to the Ecological Footprint associated with the homes and living in them. 
  • Fitting all 320 houses with 1 kW of Solar PV each.

At this site GreenMode is helping SAID Property Developments deliver a unique package. Many of the initiatives are likely to cost less, or no more, than those that would have a much greater environmental impact at a similar but conventional residential site. The initiatives are detailed here and the work shows how we can simultaneously get excellent results for the environment and economy.


2 thoughts on “Green Living Revolution

  1. Congratulations greenmode this project is making a real advance and ticks a great many boxes, even the linear wetlands sound very interesting, (nothing beats growing up with the sound of happy frogs at night) – all the best with a genuine winner.


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